Est. 2005

In 2005, the Central Kansas Water Bank Association in Stafford (“Association”) became the first chartered water bank in the state. While the Association covers the same geographic boundaries, has the same staff, and utilizes the same monitoring network as Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. 5, the Association is governed by a separate board of directors and funded entirely through its own administrative fees. The Association has undergone several changes since its inception in 2005, but still offers the same services to the water users of the region. The Association offers area water users two programs for the flexible use of the water resource. 

The first program (Savings Account) allows a portion of unused water to be preserved for future use at the same location. The second program (Deposit & Lease) is for the transfer of a portion of the historical water use of a water right(s) to other areas within the same subbasin.  These programs have gained in popularity and give water users added water use flexibility while conserving water.

Water Banking originated out of the Quivira NWR/Rattlesnake Creek Partnership Plan as part of a collective effort to reduce water use in that specific subbasin. The water banking concept was then added to the Middle Arkansas Subbasin Plan as a tool to address the water use issues in that basin. As the water banking program developed, it became apparent that it should be applied to the other subbasins of Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. 5.


Savings Accounts

Savings accounts are offered through the Association. These accounts allow water users to preserve a portion of unused water into an account for future use at the same location.


The Deposit program allows water users to sell (deposit) their historic water use on an annual basis (up to five years) for use at other locations. Click the button below for more details in this program.


Water can be leased out of the deposit program at locations potentially several miles away. There are restrictions on locations where water can be leased. For details, click the button below.