Water banking Rules and Regulations

K.A.R. 5-17-1       Definitions for water banking

K.A.R. 5-17-2       Application to deposit a water right into a water bank or withdraw a deposit

K.A.R. 5-17-3       Contract for deposit of a water right

K.A.R. 5-17-4       Application to lease water

K.A.R. 5-17-5       Contract to lease water

K.A.R. 5-17-6       Conditions on the term permit to exercise a contract to lease water

K.A.R. 5-17-7       Contract to deposit water in a savings account

K.A.R. 5-17-8       Depositing water in a savings account

K.A.R. 5-17-9       Term permit to use water that was deposited in a savings account

K.A.R. 5-17-10     Water bank charter proposal

K.A.R. 5-17-11     Annual reports of water banks

K.A.R. 5-17-12     Water use reports

K.A.R. 5-17-13     Enforcement

K.A.R. 5-17-14     Water flowmeters

K.A.R. 5-17-15     Private sale or lease of water right facilitated by a water bank

K.A.R. 5-17-16     Priority of use of water rights and permits

K.A.R. 5-17-17     Waste of leased water and savings account water

K.A.R. 5-17-18     Reimbursable and non-reimbursable cost