Frequently Asked Questions

Why would we want a water bank in GMD5?

Supporters of water banking believe this marketing concept will put water to the most efficient and economical use, while providing greater flexibility to the water users who use the program.

Who will pay for a water bank? How will the bank operate?

Although operated through the Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. 5 office, the Association is a separate entity and must be self-supporting. A fee schedule has been established to offset expenses.

How will water banking affect my water right?

Only those water users who participate in the Association will be affected by water banking, and that is only for the duration of a deposit or lease. Participation in the bank constitutes due and sufficient cause for non-use.

Why, in a savings account, are they taking 10% of my carry-over water?

The carry-over water is additional. Before water banking, water users could not carry-over any water from year to year. It is not a taking, since any water carried over is all extra. This "leak" from the savings account helps the Association meet the required conservation amount by Kansas statute.

Do I have to use the Bank?

No, the Association programs are voluntary. It will not lead to cutbacks or any reduction in your water right.

Why would I support the bank concept in this District?

The water banking concept offers flexibility to the antiquated water laws of Kansas. The people of central Kansas are in a position to set the pace for the needed changes in Kansas's water law.

How will the deposit of my water right into the bank for five years impact the property taxes on the ground?

You should contact your County Appraiser to determine your options.

When can I sign up for water banking?

  • The Deposit program requires any person wishing to deposit water in the bank must do so on or before April 1 of the year in which the deposit will be made, provided no water has been used between January 1 and March 31
  • Any person wishing to establish a savings account must do so by December 1 of the year preceding the year they want to participate. 

Do I have to sign a savings account contract every year?

No, once a savings account is opened, unless it is terminated, there is no expiration date. So an account stays open even if all of the accumulated water is withdrawn from the account.

How do I sign up to make a deposit, lease water or establish a savings account?

Each person wishing to participate in the bank must first enter into a contract with the bank. The appropriate forms can be found on each program's page. Additionally all applicable forms for the Association can be found here. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Association staff about these programs, this can be done online here.

What information to do I need to bring with me to an appointment with Association staff?

Association staff have access to records for all water rights within the boundaries. The Association requests that you bring general information about the water right(s) (i.e. legal description,  water right file number, etc). 

I do not own the ground and/or water right, can I sign Association paperwork?

  • For the Savings Account program and the Deposit program, the Association requires the water right owner's signature.
  • For the Lease program, the Association does not require the water right owner's signature as the Lease water can be applied to ground that does not have an existing water right.
  • The Association will allow another person to represent the owner if the Association has a notarized power of attorney form filed indicating the representation. The Association will only accept a durable power of attorney or the specific Association power of attorney form.

Can I file an application electronically?

The forms are available on the website for submission to the Association. The Association can accept the paperwork electronically by emailing but payments cannot be accepted online at this time. Paperwork will not be processed without the appropriate administrative fees.

Why does the water bank require a copy of the water use report annually?

  • For the Deposit and Lease programs, the Association requires a copy of the water use report annually to verify compliance with the terms of the respective contracts.
  • For the Savings Account program, the Association handles the accounting for the water preserved into the account annually. The Association currently does not receive an annual usage report from KDA-DWR, so the report must come from the water user directly. 

These water use reports can be submitted to the Association electronically at or in person at the Association office. They are due no later than March 1 annually