Lease Program

The Association shall be authorized to lease water that has been deposited into the bank in exchange for a fee. The Association shall only lease out that portion of deposits available after all conservation elements and other limitations have been applied. The Association shall not lease more than 90% of all deposited water in any calendar year. The Association shall certify to the chief engineer for each lease that sufficient deposits exist within the hydrologic unit where leased water will be used. The proposed use of water shall not be used to determine approval of a lease as per (K.S.A. 82a-763 (b) (5), as amended).  

Rules for Leases

The proposed lease is from water rights on deposit from the same hydrologic unit designated by the Association and within the Association's boundary. The lease shall be subject to such terms and conditions, as such approval by the chief engineer, as provided by rules and regulations of the chief engineer. The lessee shall complete an application for contract to lease water on a form prescribed by the Association and approved by the chief engineer.  

The Application

The application shall be filed with the Association and shall include the following

  • The hydrologic unit designation of leased water
  • Calendar years that water is proposed to be leased
  • Number of acre-feet proposed for lease, and the purpose of use
  • Location where leased water will be used, including point of diversion, place of use, acres (if irrigation) current authorized rate (if existing well - proposed rate if new well)
  • A current water level measurement
  • Aquifer unit (source of supply)
  • File numbers of all other water rights that authorize use of water from that point of diversion

Each approved contract shall set forth penalty provisions for breach of contract conditions. In order to prevent an increase in consumptive use, applications to lease water for a use other than the authorized use of the deposited water proposed for lease shall comply with K.A.R.  5-5-9 and 5-5-10.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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Conservation Component Map

A conservation component is calculated to meet the requirement of the 10% savings in consumptive use. The conservation component is based on the following hydrologic parameters:

  1. Water level decline since pre-development
  2. Total saturated thickness
  3. Water appropriations within 2-miles, and
  4. Distance from the stream

Conservation components will vary from 10 to 16 percent. When water is leased from the Association, the conservation component is applied.    

The map below is intended for use by Lease applicants from the Central Kansas Water Bank Association.
Use of this map for any reason other than the original intent is strongly discouraged. 

To determine the conservation component for the quarter section of interest, click the button below.

Conservation Component


Lease Example:

Lease of 100 AF for 1 year

Conservation Component = 12%*

(100 AF - 12% = 88 AF)

Water user able to use 88 AF